Indie Rock for the Socially Conscious

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Eclectic Ohio/Michigan based independent rockers Lithium Seven named themselves after a primordial element that only exists in the form of a compound and like everything in nature they’re always open to and primed for some fascinating unexpected musical evolution.

We can’t say the multi-talented foursome didn’t prep us for this. Vocalists and guitarists Shawn and Soren Gormley, multi-instrumentalist Jim Armstrong (vocals, bass, mandolin, keyboards, guitar) and drummer Jon Carroll called their 2010 debut EP Something Else is Waiting. That highly anticipated “something” is their infectious and diverse follow-up EP Last Light—a compelling five track set that reflects Lithium Seven’s emergence from “indie folk rockers” to powerfully produced, super melodic and frequently explosive pop/rock perfect for fans of Triple AAA, Hot AC and Modern Rock.

Considering the response to the previous EP, Lithium Seven could have easily rested on their laurels. Tracks from Something Else Is Waiting received airplay on over 30 non-commercial Triple AAA/Americana stations, charted on the Americana Music Association airplay chart and received spins as far away as Australia. But the “Butterfly Effect” is more than just a brooding, percussive electric guitar driven rock gem on the EP—it’s a title that reflects their open-mindedness about letting that chemistry lead them to deeper places in their creativity. They allowed the songs to journey to unexpected places and take on a life of their own. Because they were fearless in their efforts to help every song reach its full emotional potential, they might start out with one vibe before shifting into a whole new sonic place.

Soren says, “This collection of songs is about growth and unexpected transformations,” a sentiment echoed by Jon, who sent a text to his band mates after mastering the tracks which read in part: “Hearing the album as an assemblage for the first time is quite something. The interplay between songs revealed itself for the first time today. You can hear the experimentation. This clearly documents us, for better or worse, present in our moment.”

“Last Light” is an existentially aware tune driven by a hypnotic lead guitar line about the “fallen angels” of history who took a different path than the rest of us showing the greater potential of humanity to those who will listen like Martin Luther King, Jr., Benazir Bhutto, et al. Just as “Butterfly Effect” morphed from a folksy tune into a fiery rocker, “Stolen Car” also added new dimensions as the band took different approaches during its development. Driven by rumbling, tribal percussion, it’s a raw, organic rocker about the push and pull in a developing romantic relationship. In line with the band’s collaborative nature, a close friend, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Allison (formerly of Cellophane Flowers), wrote and recorded the guitars on the track “Unfasten.” Jeff’s guitar lines added rhythmic punch and melodic counterpoints to the pop-rock vibe of the song.  On the graceful, more introspective “Hemingway,” the famous author’s talent for clarity and lucidity is referenced to describe things as a metaphor for opening our eyes and uncovering the truth of what is before us.

Discussing the unique experience of writing and producing Last Light, bassist Jim Armstrong says, “I think the most exciting part of the process was taking the basic elements of these songs and working them out in interesting ways, trying new things until they took on a form we could be truly excited about. Mixing them was great too, because we could really hear the fruits of our labor.” Shawn adds, “This EP is all about communication and discovery. We’ve been working together a long time, but this project allowed us to speak to each other through music in a more profound way than ever before.”


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